Some of the latter projects are worth a closer look.   Non Disclosed *Fresh*   Recipes blog
Fake Screen   Fake Screens for CGI (film)
Tickee   Online Ticketing Sales Service
T.P.O.   my Stage Management principal
The Fat Cow   Pop-up restaurant

Koen Betsens

Soms mag het even blijven hangen.


The End of


When one starts a project, it’s a uphill battle from the start. The less experience, the more failure is the probable end result. was my millstone. The project is finished now. I gained a lot in wisdom, lost equal shares in wealth. The 3-layer structure matured during this project, and as a reference I’d Read More


Tickee Passbook


We are proud to announce: Tickee now supports Passbook tickets on iOS and Android! This is a great evolution. Now you can bring your tickets in a more safe, easy and smart way than ever before. We’ll be rolling out this feature the next days, stay tuned! Share & Enjoy