Some of the latter projects are worth a closer look.   Non Disclosed *Fresh*   Recipes blog
Fake Screen   Fake Screens for CGI (film)
Tickee   Online Ticketing Sales Service
T.P.O.   my Stage Management principal
The Fat Cow   Pop-up restaurant

Koen Betsens

Soms mag het even blijven hangen.

App development


Hello Cloudoki


Bram decided to team up with Rui and yours truly from Donderlab to start kicking some awesome butts in App Land. Cloudoki bundles all the knowledge we gathered over the past many years, from oneDot only, over up to Cloudwalkers. An impressive set of feats and experiences – I personally really believe in this Read More

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 11.52.10



Bram from Fastronaut made a beautiful new site and CID rework for SoftTouch. He also matched their API interests with my humble expertise to make wonderful things happen together.


A Cloudwalkers Story


Sometimes you start with a project in humble beginnings, as outside contractor, and end up in a 360° position taking care of the team, the whole code repo ànd the general CID. Cloudwalkers is exactly such a story. It started about a year ago, when a partner requested some light frontend support on a project Read More

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