Brain-dropping about the prison system


I know a thing or two about technology. Many colleagues in my direct environment do so even more.
Why not apply this knowledge on the prison system, combined with some straight forward social thinking.

What are, from a progressive perspective, the 3 main reasons to lock up criminal offenders?
1) To force them to come to insight of their wrong-doing
2) To protect society from the criminal offender as long as possible
3) To protect them from the temptations of society (eg. drugs, sexual stimuli, …)

The Problem
There is no inherent reason to keep them “locked up” behind high walls to meet those goals.
One might even argue that our contemporary solution is non-efficient, extremely costly and even counter-productive towards the latter (access to drugs, peer influence, …)

The Solution
Protected prison farms with smart monitoring technology. A futuristic goal, agreed.
By replacing walls with efficient monitoring and defence, maintaining a closed community system, and motivate the activation in agricultural produce, profound results might germinate.
Just to go all out-of-the-box, let these farms be the source of state-controlled cannabis production.