Hello Cloudoki


Bram decided to team up with Rui and yours truly from Donderlab to start kicking some awesome butts in App Land.
Cloudoki bundles all the knowledge we gathered over the past many years, from oneDot only, over Tick.ee up to Cloudwalkers. An impressive set of feats and experiences – I personally really believe in this next chapter.


We build cloud-based API’s, hybrid or native mobile apps, web applications, and do deep-level social media integration.

We speak Node.js, PHP, Python, C++ and Swift fluently to build for native, web, iOS and Android. We use Ionic, Cordova, Backbone.js, Angular.js, Pyramid and Laravel to make it beautifully usable.

For now, most of my code articles wil be hosted on the Cloudoki blog – blog.cloudoki.com, until time is less of a luxury to spend.
*Shouldn’t take that long…*